Swapping Bats for Clubs with Our Upper Deck Golf Event

2023-01-10 | Success Stories




A new event venture paved the way for the first nine-hole game in Stadium history.

This past December, Dodgers 365 and Upper Deck Golf teamed up to give Dodger Stadium a fairway-friendly makeover, turning it into the most unique golf course in greater LA for an unforgettable five days. Between December 6 and 10, 2023, more than 8,000 guests poured through the gates for their opportunity to take a different kind of swing at Dodger Stadium.
We were excited to build on the enthusiasm from past golf events by taking things to the next level with a new concept: allowing fans to play a full round of golf. The result wasn't your run-of-the-mill outing on a municipal course. An area known for the echoes of cracking baseball bats now thundered with the unmistakable thwack of fairway irons.
“It’s December… you don’t have to be a baseball fan to appreciate Dodger Stadium” Chris Harye, KCAL News
Tee times were bookended with some rounds at our Stadium Club, which seamlessly transformed into a Sports Bar for the duration. Cold beverages and Stadium fare were on deck, as well as some great music and family-friendly golf challenges to keep guests engaged throughout the day. Then, once their tee time came around, the action moved to The Field, where players worked their way through the nine-hole experience.
This first-of-its-kind event didn't just stop at golf; we worked with Upper Deck Golf to create an all-out event anyone could enjoy, with participants moving from one level to the next with the hopes of a winning scorecard. As a result, they each took an impromptu tour of our iconic home turf realizing how many hidden corners of history there are in this iconic space.
“This was also a great way to introduce golf to first-timers, given that clubs, balls, and targets were provided. I also enjoyed being able to walk through the stadium during the off-season and see how it was!” Nancy, local event blogger and self-proclaimed golf-girlie
Our home already had an illustrious athletic history beyond baseball. From ski jumping, to 5K races, to professional ice hockey we’ve hosted it all. By playing a few rounds, fans proved our space has range — and can be repurposed for all sorts of events. It left us with only one question: which sport do we reimagine next?

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